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My name is Chola

I am a blogger and Youtuber from Galicia's countryside, 100% ecological, or so called an rectified it Girl. I am also car mechanic, I work in the fields, I fish, cook .... I have a car in which I develop my facet of rally racer, where I always take as copilot my best friend Lola, a chicken.

Chola & Lola is the name of my online store and my own brand, which will reveal my passion for the motor world, culture, ecology and body care.

This first collection is called "Glocal Woman", in honor to you, women, who think locally to act globally. You, who are part of that race of decisive women which is one step ahead of the rural society in which she lives, for your non-conformity, talent, strength and personality, but also, for your tireless pursuit of possibilities to cultivate and learn , And for your determination and perseverance to flee from the current canons of what should be a trendy woman.

With Chola & Lola I aim to contribute to people being true to themselves no matter what others think!

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